PSA Inspired Offseason Plan

As a tribute to all of PSA posters that believe the Steinbrenners never spend enough, here is the cost is no object free agency plan.

So first let’s address what we can in free agency.

We already re-signed Rizzo, which is a good start and gets us a quality LH 1B.

Next we need to sign Judge. Write him a blank check, it’s only money.

Now, we did not get good production from the left-side of the infield and Torres is too inconsistent.

So we are going to sign Correa for SS, Bogaerts for 3B and Trea Turner for 2B. That should shore up the IF and allow us to work on some trades for other options.

There are no really good LF’s on the market so we are going to sign Nimmo to a large enough deal that he will not care where he plays.

Since you can never have too much pitching, let’s sign deGrom, Verlander and Rodon. We will fill out the rotation with Cole and Cortes. That allows us to move Sevy to the closer position so that he will only be able to give us 50 innings or so. You never want your best pitchers contributing too much. Montas, German and Schmidt can also go to the pen as the relief market is not great. Holmes, Peralta, Marinaccio and Trivino will round out the pen.

Last position to improve is CF. Bader is a great defender and will be an excellent 4th OF once we trade Peraza, Dominguez, Volpe, Torres and Donaldson to the Angels for Trout.

Personally I think that should make everyone happy and excited for the new year.

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