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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/15/22

One of the slowest months of the offseason is half-over.

MLB: USA TODAY Sports-Archive RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t many silver linings for me to glean during the MLB offseason, but one small thing I enjoy is that usually, I can dig through the photo archives for a throwback photo to lead the daily “Today on Pinstripe Alley” posts. Unless there was big news during the previous day, I don’t feel beholden to anything. So instead of just another photo from the 2022 Yankees, I can look back on Tino Martinez for no real reason! Hell, let’s throw a random Tino clip in there, too:


Today on the site, Sam will review a new documentary on the Yankees’ longtime and often one-sided rivalry with the Cleveland Guardians franchise and Peter will grade Kyle Higashioka’s up-and-down 2022. Later on, Peter will return to pitch a potential crosstown poaching of Jacob deGrom in free agency, and Jake will wrap us up with some insight on Gerrit Cole’s 2022 campaign.


1. Would you have picked Julio Rodríguez or Adley Rutschman for AL Rookie of the Year?

2. Chex Mix: Yay or nay?