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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/13/22

Who ya got this NFL Sunday?

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees
Kevin Long with the Yankees many moons ago
Photo by Diamond Images/Getty Images

How’s this for a quiet day of baseball news? One could make the case that the most notable tidbit was the Phillies extending old friend Kevin Long as hitting coach through 2025. Ah, mid-November, how I loathe you for your lack of baseball relevance.

Today on the site, Peter will review Chad Green’s bummer of a walk year in pinstripes, and Estevão will present the All-AL East Team for position players. Later on, Kevin will look back at the final week of AFL action, Matt will remember an unexpected performance from Hall of Fame pitcher Allie Reynolds, and Joe will present this week’s social media roundup.


1. Is “Giants over Texans” money in the bank or do you think that Houston might pull off another annoying defeat of a New York City-area team?

2. Should the Giants extend Saquon Barkley?

*Yes I know we’re going full New York Giants this week but whatever, it’s the offseason and the Jets are also off, sooooo