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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/10/22

Your Thursday program.

MLB: General Manager’s Meetings Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

We’re in a bit of a holding pattern, as the league transitions from Playoff Mode to Hot Stove Mode. We do have a deadline today, with teams having to decide whether to tender qualifying offers to their impending free agents by this afternoon, which we went over yesterday. It’s a small bit of intrigue for an early-November Thursdsay.

On the site today, Jeff looks back at the season of Scott Effross, a promising player who we unfortunately won’t be hearing from any time soon. Also, Malachi discusses how the Yankees should approach bullpen construction for the coming year, and after looking at the Yankees’ unluckiest hits on Tuesday, Sam looks at their luckiest hits of 2022.


1. How much do you believe Brian Cashman’s promise (threat?) that Josh Donaldson will be the starting third baseman next year?

2. Have you ever run a road race?