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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/1/22

It’s a new month for these same old Yankees.

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

November has arrived, bringing us a little bit closer to the hot stove heating up. Until then, we have to wait out the end of the postseason and all of the formalities that come with it. Speaking of, the World Series was supposed to be played yesterday but Mother Nature had other ideas, further pushing back the end of the year by a day. This shifts around the pitching matchups slightly, but otherwise it’s still a tied series entering play in Philadelphia tonight.

Over here, there’s a few things on the docket to look over. Josh starts the day off with a report card on the newest Yankee outfielder, Harrison Bader, and the glass half empty/full season he had. Then, Peter is the brave soul who will be conducting our latest Brian Cashman approval poll and Esteban breaks down the top 10 pitches thrown by a Yankees pitcher this season.

2022 World Series:

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Houston Astros
Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia
Game 3: Ranger Suárez vs. Lance McCullers Jr.
First pitch: 8:03 p.m. ET (FOX)


1. How many games do you expect Harrison Bader to play in 2023?

2. How was your Halloween?