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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 10/7/22

The Wild Card Series begins as the Yankees relax and await their opponent.

Toronto Blue Jays Vs Boston Red Sox Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Today marks the debut of MLB’s new postseason format, so we’re getting four Wild Card Series as each of the four top seeds — the Yankees, Braves, Astros, and Dodgers — rest for a few days while the others duke it out. New York will face the winner of the Rays/Guardians showdown, and they’ll begin play first with Game 1 at 12:07pm ET on ESPN. Phillies/Cardinals follows at 2:07pm ET on ABC, and next up is Mariners/Blue Jays at 4:07pm ET on ESPN. The finale is also an ESPN broadcast, and it features that other New York ballclub; they’ll play the Padres at Citi Field with first pitch 8:07 pm ET.

Today on the site, I’ll preview each of the four Wild Card Series and reveal the PSA playoff predictions. Then, it will be a whole bunch of team previews, with John on the Mets, Jesse on the Rays, Sam on the Guardians, Esteban on the Blue Jays, and Erin on the Mariners. After all that, Madison will answer your mailbag questions.

Today’s Matchup:


Fun Questions/Prompts:

1. Which Wild Card Series is most likely to go the maximum three games?

2. Do you think the lower seed should have a home playoff game, or are you OK with them playing the whole series on the road?