The 2022 MLB Season has been incredible

I'm at the point where I'm okay whatever happens in the playoffs.

This was one of the greatest seasons in MLB history. Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, and especially Aaron Judge all accomplished some of the most amazing things you can accomplish on a baseball diamond, the Dodgers put up a challenge to the 1998 Yankees win record, even Gerritt Cole despite having a disappointing overall season managed to break the Yankee strikeout record.

The Yankees had more walk-off wins than the 2009 Yankees, famous for their many walk-offs. The team as a whole, despite a disappointing August, vastly outperformed all expectations to pull ahead of two very good and one pretty good (the Orioles) team to win the toughest division in baseball. Even the AA Yankees managed to win the championship with a no-hitter (which, seriously, that is so damn cool).

I don't think we're going anywhere in the playoffs. Our bullpen is way too leaky. It's hard to see us surviving the Astros like this even if we make the ALCS, and if I'm being honest this feels like the year of the Dodgers.

But man oh man, despite all of my emotional/immature kvetching in the comments section and dumb pointless disputes with random internet strangers, I am glad that baseball was played this year. Thank you to the players and, yes, the owners for ensuring this season could happen.

And who knows? October is weird. Maybe a relief hero steps up and carries the Bombers to the end. My money's on Effross. Either way this is a season I'm never going to forget. I wouldn't be surprised if this is remembered in years to come as a legendary season on par with the famous 1941 season or 1998 (steroids, alas, aside).

Go Yankees!

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