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Celebrate Aaron Judge finally reaching No. 62!

No. 99 has finally slugged No. 62.

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It’s official: Aaron Judge has entered the baseball record books. With his 62nd homer today, he has surpassed Roger Maris, Babe Ruth, and every other Yankees (and American League) legend to precede him. This 2022 campaign will never be forgotten, and for good reason. The man is unbelievable.

BreakingT has a number of t-shirts available to celebrate Judge if you have any interest! They’ve added a quartet of shirts to their collection. If I were to pick one of the four, it would probably be the one of Judge on the Iron Throne of bats, simply because I am a longtime shill for this Westerosi nonsense, but there’s a pretty good selection here. Take your pick and make your friends jealous that they don’t love Judge as much as you do!

These shirts are officially licensed products of the Major League Baseball Players Association and printed in America.