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The longest home runs of the 2022 Yankees’ season

As we look back at the season, let’s remember some monster shots from Yankees’ hitters.

New York Yankees vs Cleveland Guardians, 2022 American League Division Series Set Number: X164207 TK1

The 2022 Yankees won’t be fondly remembered on the whole, but there is one aspect that was unforgettable: the homers. Aaron Judge’s 62 home run season surpassed Roger Maris for the most in an American League season ever. It was a run that was incredibly fun to watch and follow, no matter how the season ended.

In general, the Yankees are a slugging team, with a couple players capable of putting a baseball into orbit. In honor of that, let’s look back at the longest home runs from the 2022 Yankees’ season. Spoiler alert: that Judge guy may get some mentions.

5 (tied): Aaron Judge - 453 feet (5/1 vs. Royals)

While it seems ridiculous to think about in retrospect, Judge actually got off to a bit of a slow start home runs-wise. It took six games for him to hit his first, and his second and third didn’t come until a two-homer day eight games later.

He truly started to get going in May, and that included a monster blast in Kansas City.

The first of what would be two homers on the day went 453 feet to dead center in just the second at-bat of the game.

5 (tied): Aaron Judge - 453 feet (8/23 vs. Mets)

A tie for fifth allows us to get a bonus home run on the list, and also prevents the list from coming entirely away from home. While Yankee Stadium is known for being a hitter’s paradise, not many of the Yankees’ longest blasts this season came in the Bronx. However, Judge prevented the list from being away exclusive.

As Judge was gaining steam in a potential chase for 62 home runs, the Yankees as a team started to flail. They somewhat managed to arrest their slump with a late August two-game sweep of the Mets. Judge helped play a part in that win, hitting a long home run to open the scoring in the second of the two games.

3 (tied): Aaron Judge - 456 feet (5/12 vs. White Sox)

On May 13th, Judge’s OPS cracked 1.000 after a couple days in the .900s, and other than a brief stretch in June and July, would basically stay there the rest of the season. From May 13th-23rd, Judge went on a hot streak, hitting .417/.512/.972, but that good run really started the day before with a massive blast in Chicago.

With the Yankees up 6-4 in the seventh inning, Judge took a pitch 456 feet off of White Sox reliever Ryan Burr, kick starting a run that eventually saw the Yankees blow out Chicago 15-7.

3 (tied): Aaron Judge - 456 feet (7/24 vs. Orioles)

When the Yankees made their first trip to Baltimore this season, a couple players made some jokes about the new dimensions of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Orioles pushed back out the fences in left field, seemingly in part because of what the Yankees and other teams had done to Baltimore there in recent years.

By the time the Yankees were back there in July, it seems Judge figured out what to do: just hit it over the new weird deep porch.

Judge’s two-run, 456 foot shot helped the Yankees to a 6-0 win. Another game from this series may or may not appear on this list.

2. Giancarlo Stanton - 457 feet (10/3 vs. Rangers)

Oh hey, someone else has cracked the list! As good as Judge was this year, it would’ve felt wrong for Stanton to not get at least one home run on the list. However, he left it until pretty late.

In the final series of the regular season against the Rangers, with all the focus on Judge’s quest for a 62nd homer, Stanton made sure he got on the longest list, crushing a ball for a 457 foot shot.

Now, Stanton still hit plenty of moonshots this year, but had he not hit this particular blast, it would’ve been an all-Judge top five. Stanton’s next longest was a 445 foot shot for the ninth longest of the year.

1. Aaron Judge - 465 feet (7/22 vs. Orioles)

Please note that it takes 14 home runs to find the longest that’s from someone who’s not Judge or Stanton. That’s because in this season, who else could it be? Judge’s 36th home run of his incredible year went down as the longest of the 2022 season, coming just two days before one that came up earlier on the list.

Judge stepped to the plate in the fifth inning with the Yankees leading, thanks mostly to him. Earlier in the game, he had hit a three-run shot that went 436 feet, good enough for 16th on the longest home run list. That one was an impressive blast itself, going over the Orioles’ bullpen and into the Yankees’ one in deep left center. In his third at-bat of the day, Judge hit it in about the same spot, only nearly 30 feet further and well over the bullpens.

The home run ended up being more than just impressive and also fairly important, as the Yankees only won that particular game by a run.

It was the longest by a Yankees this year, but actually only tied for the 19th longest in all of MLB. Pffft, slacker.