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Yankees and Astros to begin ALCS Game 4 in a rain delay

The fourth (and possibly final) game of this series will not start on time, MLB announced.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Michael Urakami/Getty Images

The Yankees and Astros were scheduled to play the fourth game of this ALCS at 7:07pm ET, but for the third time during this Yankee playoff run, weather will come into play. With about an hour to first pitch, the league communicated that the game will not start on time, and that the forecast will be assessed again around 7:

The forecast, as of now, doesn’t look great for the night, though there should be at least some window for play. Regardless, it seems like rain will make an impact on the game for some time:

Looking ahead, a postponement could make things tough for whichever team (likely the Astros!) advances to the World Series. If the ALCS somehow extends out, Game 7 of this series would be scheduled for Thursday night, with the World Series scheduled for Friday night. The Yankees, of course, would have to put up a fight for a lack of days off to become a problem.

At the very least, it appears the Yankees and the league have learned from the ALDS Game 5 rainout debacle, during which fans were left in the rain for hours without communication from the team or league. With the league stating that an update will come at 7, it would be a surprise if fans weren’t given far more consistent updates throughout the length of this delay.

The Yankees have shown they can learn from mistakes when it comes to weather communications. Will they learn from roster-building mistakes, such as playing an entire season with a glaring hole at shortstop? Time will tell.