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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Jeter, Swisher in New York for October baseball

The former Yankees are supporting the Bombers in the postseason.

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees

Since the start of the pandemic, we have kept you posted on what the Yankees have been up to on social media. Now that the 2022 postseason is underway, we’ll continue to see action from our favorite players and Yankee figures. Here’s your weekly update on what your favorite Yankees have been doing on social media!

Nick Swisher opens up the postseason

That was a new one! Before Game 1 of the ALDS in the Bronx, former Yankee Nick Swisher ran out onto the field to get the crowd ready for first pitch. The lights were out, the phone lights were on, and Swish was running around with a Yankees flag.

Jeter knows October

No one knows October in New York better than Derek Jeter. He was riding around this past week as the Yanks prepared for the postseason. The Yankees could use some of No. 2 right now...

Gleyber geared up

Fifth year, fifth playoff appearance for Gleyber Torres. He had an up-and-down regular season, but has a couple of hits this series and hit in the leadoff spot in Game 3 (which he’ll do again in Game 4). He’ll look to help the Yankees force a Game 5.