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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/10/22

Cole gets ALDS opener; Chapman left off ALDS roster after abandoning team; Cashman knows Judge won their contract standoff; Midges are back in Cleveland!!

MLB: Game Two-New York Yankees at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: There was a legitimate question as to whether Gerrit Cole should get the ALDS Game 1 start over Nestor Cortes considering his persistent home run troubles, but the Yankees have still deemed it the best option. Cole will start on Tuesday, followed as expected by Cortes on Thursday and Luis Severino on Saturday (yes, the games are indeed spaced out like that). The best point in Cole’s favor might be that Cortes and Sevy have both faced questions about their pitching load and durability — Sevy in particular — while for Cole that’s not a concern whatsoever. (For a pro-Nestor argument, read Josh’s article last week.)

ESPN: The Aroldis Chapman Era has likely reached an ugly end. Chapman was home in Miami and refused to attend a mandatory team workout on Friday for reasons currently unknown, leading to him being left off the ALDS roster. He was probably — hopefully — being left off even if he was were he was supposed to be, but now it seems nigh-impossible that he could be added back on for the longer potential ALCS and World Series. Brian Cashman provided some uncharacteristically pointed criticism of Chapman, saying he hasn’t been committed to the team for awhile now while making a reference to the August tattoo infection that put him on the IL.

(As an aside on the bullpen, Wandy Peralta and Clay Holmes look like they’re ready to go to rejoin the team on the ALDS roster. Peralta seems set and Holmes just has to get through facing hitters on Monday, though he’s already said that he probably won’t pitch in Game 1.)

Sports Illustrated | Mike McDaniel: Cashman is once again publicly discussing Aaron Judge’s contract situation, but this time he’s wisely giving only praise to his team’s star player. No good will come out of complaining about the soon-to-be MVP and American League record-breaker’s contract demands, so Cashman conceded that Judge’s bet on himself paid off in an incredible manner, and reiterated his desire to bring him back to the team. If Cashman vs. Judge was a real thing, Judge has decidedly won the day. | Megan Sims: The Cleveland Guardians’ offense didn’t look very formidable during their two Wild Card games, but who needs hits when you have midges?! During Sunday’s Browns-Chargers NFL game in Cleveland, the players reported getting swarmed by midges. The midges of Cleveland have an unfortunate place in Yankees’ fans psyches after Game 2 of 2007 ALDS, when flamethrowing rookie Joba Chamberlain gave away the lead while being bothered by the little insects. Good thing the Yankees have home-field advantage.

By the way, Joba was not amused by the midges’ return, either.