My Dream, Albeit Realistic, 2022 Yankee Starting Line-up and Bench


1) My defintion of "realistic" does not include any expectation or speculation as to what the "Yankees" or Aaron Boone might do. As such, I would ask that posters please respond accodingly, and as if each of you were "in charge of things."

2) I acknowledge that for many, Carpenters return is "unrealistic". I'm just going on the latest news that Carpenter might play in Texas later next week. That's fine with me. In fact, I invite other opinions that assume Carpenter won't become available. There are plenty of fair assumptions (i.e. DJL turf toe is "too suspect). For the purposes of this thread, "The Yankees or Boone would or will never do that" is not a fair assumption.

1) RF Cabrera

2) CF Judge

3) LF Stanton

4) 2B Torrez

5) DH Carpenter

6) SS Peraza

7) 3B Donaldson

8) 1B Rizzo

9) C Trevino

Bench: IKF, DJL, Bader, Higgy

Plus Either:

1) Hicks and Twelve Pitchers (my first chice) or

2) No Hicks and Thirteen Pitchers

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