Ketel Marte AND Carson Kelly?

Hello, just a frustrated Diamondbacks fan here who’s tired of retooling mediocre rosters expecting anything other than mediocre results at best. The Diamondbacks have been notorious for mediocre .500 type seasons since their 2001 World Series run. Never being true World Series contenders but never bottoming out enough to nab elite blue-chip prospects, that was until these past two years. Jordan Lawlar should’ve never fallen to pick six and now with the 2nd overall pick the team has another chance to draft an elite prep player in either Elijah Green, Termarr Johnson, or Druw Jones. With the team coming off a historically bad season, and the top players in their system both being teenagers, now is the time to tear things down and build from the bottom up.

Outside of Lawlar and the 2nd pick in the 2022 draft, the team has a solid depth in their farm system and in my mind should be trying to target a third blue-chip prospect to build around, that’s where the Yankees come in. Now I know how much y’all love Jasson Dominguez, but what would it truly take to pry him away from the Yankees. Last summer I proposed a swap of Marte for Dominguez and a lot of you shot that idea down quick. When proposing this idea to fellow Diamondbacks fans it also gets shot down so it might be a bit of bias showing on both sides. Marte was an MVP candidate in 2019, is still only 28 years old, and showed this past year that when he was healthy is still one of the best hitters in the entire league. Not to mention he is on one of the best contracts in all of baseball.

Now I know some of you will point to his bad defensive metrics at center last year and his injury issues as of late, but I believe those two go hand in hand. Throughout his career he has been very healthy and has been at least average as a defender in centerfield. Last year he dealt with nagging lower body injuries and there is little reason to believe that it didn’t affect his ability to defend last year. Even then I understand the hesitation in trading an elite prospect with the upside Dominguez has for Marte. Now that’s where Carson Kelly comes in.

I know the frustration this fan base has had with Gary Sanchez and bringing in someone like Carson Kelly would alleviate many of the concerns with that position next year. Most Diamondbacks fans would rake me over the coals for suggesting trading our two best position players on our team for an 18 year old, but Dominguez is just a different breed. As a team I think our best chance at contending for a World Series would be to put all our resources into developing a trio of superstar prospects in Jordan Lawlar, Termarr Johnson, and Jasson Dominguez. I would rather have Dominguez for Marte and Kelly than 7-8 mid tier prospects from two different teams.

I know there has been interest in Marte in the past and Kelly makes perfect sense for the Yankees and the fact that their salaries are so low would not hinder them from making aggressive offers for Correa and/or Freeman. Is Marte and Kelly enough for someone that is "untouchable" like Dominguez, or is there truly no package outside of getting someone like Soto or Vlad that y’all would even consider for Dominguez?

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