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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/26/22

Hall of Fame and CBA discussion for your Wednesday morning.

New York Yankees’ pitcher Roger Clemens winds up a Photo credit should read DAVE KAUP/AFP via Getty Images

Well, here we are at the end of the 2022 Hall of Fame voting cycle, and the only modern player who will be honored at Cooperstown this summer is not the man with the most homers in baseball history or the man with the most strikeouts in baseball history. It’s David Ortiz. Yippie. Anyway.

Today on the site, Jon will reconsider the maligned Yankees career of Hideki Irabu, Esteban will begin a two-part series on a Yankees/White Sox experiment in MLB The Show, and Josh will look back at one of the most titanic trades in baseball history: Alex Rodriguez to the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano. Later on, John will continue his series on the early days of baseball’s rules and Jesse will take a page from Shea Serrano’s book in designing a dream “FrankenYankee.”

Fun Questions:

1. Do you think Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should’ve had more time on the Hall of Fame ballot?

2. Which other 2022 Hall of Fame candidate do you think deserved more votes than he received?