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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/21/22

A new MLB/MLBPA meeting is on the calendar, but it will wait until next week.

Yankees v Angels
Yankees legend Tony Clark
Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Happy Friday, all. If you’re looking for news of encouragement, there is another MLB/MLBPA meeting on the schedule for Monday. So enjoy your weekends and maybe something nice will happen then (though honestly the owners will probably just turn their noses up again). One can hope, right?

Today on the site, Kevin will look back on the state of the farm system 10 years ago and what happened to the notable players, and Esteban will explore what made Deivi García fall apart ... and how he can recover. Later on, Jesse will discuss a somewhat-overlooked extension as part of the Yankees’ 25 smartest moves series, Erin will compare Gerrit Cole’s debut as Yankees ace to CC Sabathia’s in 2009, and Ryan will answer your mailbag questions.

Fun Questions:

1. How much do you remember of Tony Clark’s Yankees tenure?

2. Would you rather own a hamster, ferret, gerbil, or guinea pig?