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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/20/22

Thurdsay’s program.

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New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Though optimism has certainly never been the prevailing theme of the MLB lockout, it does feel as though things have grown progressively dire recently. Handwringing about missing games has increased, notably with Ken Rosenthal’s article at The Athletic yesterday urging the two sides to ensure no games are canceled. Of course, pieces such as these almost always frame the owners and players as similarly deserving of criticism if/when the schedule gets impacted, something Rosenthal attempts but ultimately fails to avoid here. Sure, it takes two sides to tango, but it certainly helps when the side with exponentially more money and power than the other doesn’t throw all its weight behind an exploitative economic system.

On the site today, Peter discusses whether Aaron Judge’s looming free agency will impact the Yankees’ offseason, and Andres wonders if there are creative ways the Yankees could manage Luis Severino’s innings in 2022. John also brings the next feature in our Smartest Moves series, a look at Derek Jeter’s 2001 contract extension, and Dan finishes up his interesting interview with Yankees hitting coordinator Joe Migliaccio.

Fun Questions:

1. How many games will Gio Urshela start for the Yankees in 2022? (assuming a 162-game season)

2. Will Carlos Correa sign for more or less than Corey Seager did?