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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/19/22

Here’s your Wednesday rundown.

New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Hey, something happened in the baseball world yesterday! Okay ... it was relatively minor, but we’ll take anything we can get I suppose. Carlos Correa swapped agencies, adding his name to the lengthy list of Scott Boras clients — and likely signaling an aggressive stance on his marketability once this lockout finally ends. The Yankees have been tangentially attached to Correa this offseason, but most talking points of late have said that it would likely only be possible on a short-term deal. It’s not done for good, but any hope of Correa landing in the Bronx likely went down a bit with this news.

That’s a worry for another day, however. For today, we’ve got plenty of content for you — starting off with Esteban targeting Luis Castillo for a potential trade. John follows up with the capstone of our Champions series, recapping the latest triumph for the Bombers back in 2009, and Peter has our latest top 25 move of the last 25 years centering on the signing of Mike Mussina. Andrés highlights five Yankees prospects that could breakout in 2022, and Dan opens up an interview with Yankees hitting coordinator Joe Migliaccio.

Fun Questions:

1. Will there be time for a drawn out bidding on free agents once the lockout ends, or will players need to scramble to sign?

2. Was there a championship season we covered through the Champions series that you came to appreciate more or learned more about?