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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/16/22

Sunday rolls around on (NFL) Wild Card Weekend.

MLB: JUN 12 Yankees at Phillies

The NFL playoffs kicked off to a strong start yesterday, with a close finish in the Raiders-Bengals match and an absolute curb stomping by the Bills against their rival Patriots. Wild Card Weekend continues today with three more matches — Eagles-Buccaneers, 49ers-Cowboys, and Steelers-Chiefs — that will hope to live up to the hype as well. If it’s your cup of tea, feel free to stay and chat about those games here.

Otherwise, it’s still full-on baseball coverage on this site. Estevão continues forming the ranks of our underrated Yankees squad with the inclusion of Frank “Home Run” Baker to start us off, and John follows with the latest on his examination of MLB’s talking points for the lockout, this time looking into revenue. Erin argues that the international signings the Yankees have nailed over the past few years are buoying an otherwise lackluster performance in the draft, Matt forms a lineup comprised of the oldest Yankees of all-time, and Joe takes us through the latest social media posts.

Fun Questions:

1. Will a road team pull off the upset in the NFL today?

2. Will we get an MLB-MLBPA meeting again this month, or will it drag until February?