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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 1/15/22

Sit back and watch some NFL playoff action. Or do something else. Follow your heart.

Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Given the lockout, January 15th is one of the few notable dates on the current baseball calendar, as the international free agency period for 2022 has officially begun. This means that the Yankees are now free to do as expected and sign arguably the top players in the class: Dominican shortstop Roderick Arias. Aside from that? It’s an NFL Playoffs day as the Raiders take on the Bengals and Patriots face the Bills.

Today on the site, Kevin will look back on the infamous Jesús Montero-for-Michael Pineda trade (which will soon “celebrate” its 10th anniversary), Andrés will help us keep track of the international free agent signings, and Dan will discuss the importance of the 2022 campaign on Clarke Schmidt’s future with the Yankees. Later on, John will continue his series on the most contentious topics in the CBA, and Peter will compare ZiPS projections for all the AL East teams.

Fun Questions:

1. Is CC Sabathia enough of a reason to actually root for the Raiders?

2. Are you jumping all aboard the Bills bandwagon?