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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/12/22

MLB to make first proposal this week; Cone on the Yankees’ next steps; should Hicks be a lefty only?; end the facial hair ban

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

New York Daily News | Ronald Blum: After a deep freeze of about a month, there seems to be some thaw in the negotiations between the league and the union. Ownership is expected to present their first real proposal on baseball’s economic issues Thursday, and while we’re a ways away from an agreement, dialogue is more constructive than the radio silence we saw through most of December. | Brendan Kuty: I find myself agreeing with David Cone on many things, and his answers in a press conference announcing his new ESPN gig continue that trend. Coney acknowledged that the team’s shortstop and center field are gaping concerns for the roster, although he did stop short of campaigning for the Yankees to add a high-priced free agent like Carlos Correa.

FanGraphs | Jake Mailhot: One of the keys to Cedric Mullins’ 2021 breakout was his abandoning the right side of the plate, giving up his switch-hitter advantage and focusing on being the best possible left-handed hitter he could be. Aaron Hicks came under some fire last year for being absolutely putrid from the right side, and Mailhot investigates whether he, and others around the league, should give up being a switch hitter just the same as Mullins.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Y’know, sometimes you can still be surprised. Joel Sherman isn’t exactly known for being the most progressive or groundbreaking columnist in baseball, so when even HE says its time to end the Yankees’ ban on facial hair, you gotta think the idea has some kind of real momentum.