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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/7/21

Gallo and Gleyber mired in slumps; Luis Gil to return, starting Wednesday; Chapman favoring secondary pitches too much.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

NY Post | Joel Sherman: The Yankees’ offense is down in the dirt again, and there are several key cogs that just aren’t turning like they need to. Two of the biggest offenders of late have been Joey Gallo and Gleyber Torres — players that were entrusted with significant roles on the team. Gallo has had consistency with his power stroke since being acquired from Texas, but the rest of his offensive game has been underwhelming. Meanwhile, Torres’ offense — the part of his game that made him irreplaceable on the field despite poor fielding — has all but abandoned him. If the Yankees are looking to shake things up to find a spark, they might field a lineup without either player starting for a bit. | Brendan Kuty: While every starter not named Gerrit Cole or Jordan Montgomery is going through a slump, Luis Gil’s name has been getting brought up with a fervor. Gil maneuvered his way through his first three MLB starts without allowing a run, but wasn’t officially on the roster thanks to COVID-19 IL rules. He’ll be getting another shot on Wednesday, though, and this time he could snag a role for the rest of the season. | Bill Ladson: Aroldis Chapman has ventured far from the untouchable form he was in at the beginning of the year. He’s been though some valleys, briefly gotten out of them, and then plummeted to new depths in the blink of an eye. He’s also made plenty of adjustments to try and recapture his peak performance, and one of those adjustments may actually be hurting him. Chapman’s overpowering fastball has fallen in his repertoire's priority list, and manager Aaron Boone has made note of it — even if Chapman insists that isn’t the case.