Long term goals

Yankees need to rebuild the club next year. They have to figure out what to do with the infield and the outfield and the pitching. They need to make decision everywhere really

They can’t keep playing Judge in center. Hicks will be coming back. Is Stanton a DH?

Rizzo or Voit? Lots of infielders. Where will they all play?

Free agents? Trades?

First the outfield. I’d like to see Hicks get a chance to play CF everyday Judge in right and Gallo in left. Keep Stanton at DH but use him as an outfielder now and then to cover right and left. Finally maybe it’s time to promote Florial as the 4th/5th outfielder. That will help defray salary.

Infield next. Re-sign Rizzo to play 1B LeMahieu at 2B Urshela at 3B. I’d sign Seager to play SS. Utility infielder if foot with Wade or Velasquez. I’d lean towards Wade since he can play the OF if needed and pinch run

Keep our catchers I’m good with them.

Last positional player is up for grabs. I’d stick with Odor for infield flexibility and a lefty pinch hitter

That means I’d like to see them unload Torres Andujar Frazier and Voit. As well as letting Gardner retire. Id like them to be able to trade for a cheap young controllable front line starter with one of them and to get some good prospects back for the others.

That means a rotation of Cole Severino Taillon Montgomery and previously mentioned frontline starter.

I think the Yankees will tweak their bullpen on the fly. Holdovers from the relief corps Chapman Loaisiga Green O’Day Luetge Peralta and Holmes could be joined by a reassigned German as a long reliever/spot starter

That means Kluber and Cortes will have to be let go as roster casualties. O’Day be another casualty if they choose to another way Peralya and Holmes aren’t safe either. Relievers are known fungible creatures

Eventually in 2 years Seager moves back to 3B when Urshela hits free agency and the Yankees have to bank on one of their SS prospects to be ready to play maybe two if they LeMahieu go also.

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