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The best months in Yankees history

Where does August 2021 stack up among the best months in franchise history?

MLB: New York Yankees at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

August was quite the month for the Yankees. They went 21-8, going from 2.5 games back in the Wild Card race to 3.0 games ahead. They rolled off a 13-game winning streak, and just turned their season around in general.

Considering the importance of when it came, and the effect it had on the Yankees’ position in the standings, you could make an argument that it was one of the best months in franchise history. Naturally, that leads us to wonder what are the other best and most important months in Yankees’ history.

(Note: this is strictly calendar months. You can almost certainly find 30/31-day stretches that span months that are better than some of these, but we’re sticking to the calendar.)

When looking into something like this, there’s basically one month you have to start with: September 1978.

Quite famously, the Yankees were 6.5 games back of the Red Sox heading into the final full month of the regular season. Playing 11 games over the first 10 days of September, the Yankees went 9-2, including the famous “Boston Massacre” sweep of their rival for the AL East crown. The last game of said sweep evened things up in the division. Over the course of September, the Yankees went 22-8, outscoring opponents by over 60 runs. They actually lost a game on September 1st, dooming them to a division tiebreaker game with Boston, but that turned out quite well.

In 1995, another manic September run got the Yankees into the playoffs. They ended August below .500 at 57-59. That was only two games back of the Wild Card spot, but there were five teams ahead of them. Even if they made up the two games, they still needed a really good month just to differentiate themselves from that pack. They did just that.

A 21-6 record over the course of September not only got the Yankees over .500 but got them the Wild Card berth. They were too far back in the AL East for that record to make a difference, but after ending August 14 games back, the final margin ended up being only half that. They needed every last one of those 21 wins too, as the final margin the Wild Card race ended up being just one game.

If we count only months where the Yankees generally played a full schedule (i.e. more than 25ish games), their best winning percentage appears to have come in July 1941. Over 29 games that July, they went 25-4, increasing their lead in the AL by over 10 games. They had two different winning streaks of at least nine games, and if you carry over from the last three games of June, the first of those streaks went for 14, the fifth-longest in franchise history.

In terms of raw number of games won in a month, it’s going to be hard to top August 1938. The Yankees played a crazy 10 doubleheaders in that stretch, including one every day from the 23rd through the 27th. Even more remarkable is that of the 36 games they played, fatigue didn’t get them too bad, as they went 28-8. Also, that came on the back of a 20-5 July. At the end of June, they were three games back, but two months later, the Yankees led the AL by 14 games.

For pure offensive excellence over the course of one month, the best example of that was probably June 1930. They didn’t win as many games as a few other months, going 20-8, but the amount of runs they put up was quite something. The 1930 season was known for being one of the most offense heavy ever, and the Yankees lived up to that, scoring 6.9 per game. However, their June was something else.

In those 28 June games, the Yankees score a total of 261 runs, for an average of 9.3 per game. That includes 13 different games where they reached double digits, and a five-game stretch where their lowest run total was 10.

There are plenty of other months you can point to as among the best in franchise history, seeing as how successful the Yankees have bene over the years. However, these couple, along with August 2021, are maybe the most notable.