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Giancarlo Stanton now has two BreakingT shirts

“Nothin’ But A G Thang” joins “Big G” in the Giancarlo collection.

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Giancarlo Stanton is playing like a man on fire. He’s homered five times in the last six games, and pretty much every round-tripper has been pivotal to a Yankees victory. By no coincidence, the team has also won seven in a row to regain its spot atop the AL Wild Card standings, and each vicious Stanton cut feels like it could result in the baseball soaring a long, long way. On the season, he’s now hitting .278/.359/.527 with 35 homers and a 141 wRC+.

The most important of those Stanton dingers came on Saturday night in Boston, when a 2-1 Red Sox lead quickly turned into a 5-2 Yankees advantage. His monstrous 452-foot grand slam put the Yankees in front, and he celebrated with a helluva bat chuck:

Now, that toss has been immortalized on a new t-shirt from BreakingT:

There’s also the classic “Big G,” which was released earlier in 2021 and I still get a kick out of seeing:

Hopefully, Stanton can keep hitting absurd homers to lead the Yankees to a deep playoff run! The fun shirts are just the cherry on top.

These shirts are officially licensed products of the Major League Baseball Players Association and printed in America.