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Tim Timmons ejected Baltimore’s grounds crew, so who’s next?

Kay and Singleton: “Oh, no.”

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Even though baseball as a game has been in existence for over 100 years, it never fails to surprise us with things that we have never seen before. That’s exactly what happened on September 15th, when in the top of the ninth, third-base umpire Tim Timmons appeared to be aggravated with someone. It was impossible to tell through the monitors whom he was gesturing so wildly at, until Ken Singleton and Michael Kay, in unison, uttered: “Oh, no.”

Running across the diamond, Timmons ejected the entire grounds crew. The crew, who had taken up perch behind the infield tarp in preparation for imminent rain, then left their position and ran, tail between their legs, out through a gate in right field.

The call appeared completely unnecessary and perhaps even detrimental to the home team, since a downpour ensued almost immediately afterward. The Yankees and Orioles continued to play throughout the shower, and New York successfully flipped a 3-2 deficit to a 4-3 lead. Throughout the debacle, Twitter railed against Timmons, arguing it was an embarrassing display of power, as not only was the crew deployed to assist as they have countless times, but they were also merely following orders and should not have taken the brunt of his ire.

Now that umpires appear to be branching out with whom they can take issue, I can’t help but wonder who will be next. Here are some of my predictions:

1. The guy in the Fenway Park scoreboard

It’s dark in there. It’s cramped. Sometimes, the number cards get a little mixed up. So when it was time for the attendant to put up another “0” at the end of the inning, he made an enormous mistake: he put it up upside down. He prayed no one would notice and thought he might actually get away with it ... until the second-base ump turned around. The mistake was glaringly obvious, and he didn’t waste a second before ejecting him. The rest of the game would continue without a functioning scoreboard, but better that than putting up with someone so negligent.

2. The bros who paint letters on their chests

The seven friends were back from college for their summer holiday and thought it would be a great idea to go to a Yankee game. “Hey!” one of them exclaimed, “We should paint Y-A-N-K-E-E-S on our chests!” They all readily agreed and on game day, were careful to sit in order to spell out their favorite team’s name. But then, the drinks started flowing. One beer turned into two, which turned into three, and by the time they had reached the 8th inning, “K” was desperate to say something to “A.” The first-base umpire looked up just in time to spot “YAKNEES.” Completely unacceptable. His temper flared and blood rushed to his face. He threw them out and even took it upon himself to ban them from ever stepping foot into Yankee Stadium ever again.

3. The organ player at the stadium

Sometimes it gets a little boring up in the organ booth. Someone promised Paul Cartier they’d bring him a slice of pizza, but that was three innings ago. Since then, no one has as much as stuck their head in to say “Hi.” So, in between masterful strokes on the organ, Cartier begins to hum a catchy song he heard on the radio earlier that day. He doesn’t know who it's by, but it can’t be that difficult to play, right? After a strikeout to end the inning, he decides to try it out. Just a few bars. But when those notes fill the air, the home plate umpire stiffens. Is it? Could it be? Is that Nickelback? “NO!” He shouts aloud, startling the catcher who has just come out. He flails, unsure of what direction the organ booth is, but the message is clear. “Paul, you’re outta here!”

So, now that it seems everyone and anyone is fair game, who do you think is next to get ejected from a game?