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New Yankee acquisitions Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo get BreakingT shirts

The “Best in the Rizz,” “Rizzo Show,” and “Long Gone Gallo” shirts are the latest in BreakingT’s Yankees collection.

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Yankees general manager Brian Cashman did his part to add to his club at the MLB Trade Deadline. Sure, it had been a shaky-at-best first few months for a team with high expectations, but they remained in the playoff hunt regardless. The Yankees were built to win now, and so at the end of July, along came Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo.

The slugging Gallo might still be getting used to the pinstripes (though his recent breakout against the Mariners is encouraging), but perhaps since the Cubs already wore ‘em, Rizzo has looked especially sharp. He’s driven in at least one run in each of his first six games as a Yankee (the first player to ever do so), launching three long balls in the process.

The Yankees have gone 5-1 since the deadline with Rizzo and Gallo in tow, so why not celebrate the newest Yankees with BreakingT shirts?

These shirts are officially licensed products of the Major League Baseball Players Association and printed in America.