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Introducing PSA Pregame, our new Twitter Spaces feature

The site adds to its multimedia portfolio.

Twitter Headquarters Ahead Of Earnings Figures

Tomorrow, before the Yankees host the Mariners in the first game of a four-game set in the Bronx, hopefully you’ll join myself and a couple of other PSA staffers on Twitter for the very first PSA Pregame Twitter Space. We’ve been thinking up different ways to use Twitter Spaces for a couple of weeks and are finally launching our first shot at it tomorrow at 6pm Eastern.

Now, what is Twitter Spaces?

Spaces is a venue for live audio conversations through the Twitter app. Think of it in short like talk radio, but our vision for the show is a little different than what you’ll find on WFAN. This is an analytically focused site, and the Pregame show will reflect that, with a couple staff writers joining every week to talk about the upcoming game and trends surrounding the Yankees through a little different lens than you might get on radio or TV.

What I’m really excited to be featuring is a problem that’s plagued me for the whole five seasons I’ve been with PSA — you can have an interesting thought about baseball, but it’s either not worth the time to write a full post about it, or you don’t have that time. For example, I may want to explore the idea of Joey Gallo or Anthony Rizzo batting leadoff for the Yankees, but there are lots of different places to read about lineup construction. With Spaces, we can have the brief conversation about the topic, while still including things that don’t get covered elsewhere.

The title gives away the point of the Space a bit — we’re going to try and keep it a pregame show, before a Yankee game once a week. To attend, simply go to PSA’s Twitter page and click “join Space”. Hopefully we’ll hear you there as we kick off the newest part of the PSA multimedia platform!