Giancarlo Stanton: Playing outfield helps to focus on plate

Giancarlo Stanton was able to average more than 117 games in the outfield per year in his eight years spent with the Miami Marlins, but he was rarely tasked with defending ever since his arrival at the New York Yankees.

The player was quite pivotal during his campaigns with the Miami team, and he only needed his glove 73 times back in 2018, which was his debut campaign with the New York team and in the American League. Gaining frequent access to the designated hitter role, Stanton appearances on the field dropped as he could only play 13 times on the field.

The 31-year-old outfielder ended up making no appearances for the team in the outfield last year. And in the first four months of this season, it was, basically, the same for the player.

Stanton had to battle against several injuries all through his spell with the New York Yankees, so keeping the player at the DH role was used to help keep the player healthy and fit for his potent bat. The Yankees, who were lacking pivotal outfielders earlier this campaign, had to bring in new big hitters - Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo - right before the trade deadline.

Rizzo was handed Luke Voit’s first base role, and Stanton won't be a full-time DH if the franchise aims to improve their offence.

He returned to the outfield when the Miami Marlins hosted the New York Yankees on July 30. In his last 23 games, he has played in right and left field in 11 of them, and he is yet to register an error, which made it good for big win casino usa for the games ahead.

Ever since he returned to playing the outfield role, he has been slashing .316/.429/.579 with five homers and 18 RBI since July 30.

Speaking to the media after the Yankees' secured a 5-1 victory against the Atlanta Braves on Monday, Stanton said: "I think it’s helped kind of not just focusing on hitting. You always want to be your best in the box and feel like you’re in the best mind frame. But that also means turning it off for a second and using that focus somewhere else. So yeah, being out there… it helps in some way."

Following his comment was a 2-for-3 night at the plat that was pivotal to the New York team's 10th consecutive win. Stanton registered his 21st homer of the year the opposite way in the second inning. Before the player broke a 1-1 tie in the sixth following a 119.2-mph, two-run double.

For defensive reasons, Aaron Boone switched Stanton out of the game. This is one of the manager's late practices in games ever since Stanton returned to the outfield.

Speaking about the Stanton, Boone said casinoclic casino en ligne: "Sometimes it’s just baseball and the ebb and flow of the season. It’s very possible that being out there has helped him a little bit."

"I think if anything, maybe physically it’s helped him," Boone said. "Moving around and keeping his body going in the game, I think that’s something that’s been beneficial for him."

"He’s played a really good outfield for us," Boone added. "It’s been a seamless transition right back out there. Looks like he’s been playing regularly all year the last couple of years."

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