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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 7/5/21

At last, a day guaranteed to not feature a Yankees loss.

New York Mets v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

If you were looking for good news from the Yankees yesterday, they won a game started by Nestor Cortes. The bad news is that they also lost the extremely winnable opener thanks to bad outings from Gerrit Cole and Aroldis Chapman. Since June 25th, the Yankees have had precisely one (1) day that did not feature a loss; they are 2-7 overall, just a single game over .500, and their playoff odds are dropping like an anvil.

Yes, the vibes are quite bad. Thank goodness for this off-day.

On the site today, Jon will look back at the overlooked on-field career of Yankees legend Elston Howard, John will preview the Marlins as a potential trade partner, and Ryan will ask for your latest mailbag questions. Don’t forget that we also have a writer opening posted, so check that out if you have any interest in joining us!

Today’s Matchup


Fun Questions:

1. Which All-Star pitcher are you more worried about, Cole or Chapman?

2. How did you celebrate the Fourth of July?