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Yankees media react to Gallo, Rizzo and Heaney trades

Cashman gets left-handed hitting and some pitching help in action-packed 2021 trade deadline.

New York Yankees v Miami Marlins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Yankees beat reporters and members of the media weren’t expecting much from the 2021 MLB trade deadline. The Yankees have looked lifeless for much of this season and are often a bore to watch. For a while now, Brian Cashman has acted pretty reserved at the trade deadline. Cashman’s discipline in not wanting to overpay for guys, or forfeit future value for a short-term solution has prevented the Yankees from making aggressive moves to acquire players, even when, in recent years, it was clear the team needed reinforcements to succeed in the postseason. The front office has seemed unnecessarily thrifty and resistant to change.

So, the wheeling and dealing and flurry of activity that unfolded on the Yankees trading block over the last two days has pleasantly surprised the cohort of people who cover the Yankees. This year’s trade deadline had drama and exciting plot lines that appeared to reinvigorate reporters’ (as well as everybody’s) appreciation of the Yankees and the game.

What did the usual suspects think of Cashman’s moves during the last few days? Let’s recount how the media reacted to the news and review the deals and transactions that the Yankees made over the last 48 hours leading up to the trade deadline.

Information regarding the Yankees’ efforts to trade for Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo and rumors regarding possible terms of the deal began to trickle in Wednesday afternoon.

Lindsey Adler reported that the Yankees had originally shown interest in Gallo during Spring Training. It seems as if he is someone Cashman has been eyeing for a little while now.

Mark Feinsand laid out the favorable financial terms of the Gallo trade.

What’s better than an OG Yankee fan in pinstripes?

In contrast to how the news of the Gallo trade broke in piecemeal fashion, the announcement that Cashman had secured a deal with the Cubs for another left-handed power hitter — this time Gold Glove first baseman Anthony Rizzo — took the Yankees’ fanbase by complete surprise. It seemed like a number of Yankees reporters were equally shocked.

Ken Rosenthal and Jack Curry both noted specific and more granular details of the Rizzo trade.

It was reported by multiple people on the beat that the Yankees were shopping around Luke Voit, likely in an effort to get more pitching help.

While it doesn’t appear as if the Yankees were able to secure the exact pitching help that Cashman had in mind, the CashGod did make a move to get a project with potential in trading for Angels right-hander Andrew Heaney. Heaney’s stats this year aren’t anything to write home about, as a few people pointed out, but the underlying metrics of his pitching reportedly indicate he has promise.

There are still some questions that linger after the deadline closed this afternoon. Jack Curry articulated the biggest question marks and speculated several lineup permutations and role shifts that could take place in light of the Yankees’ new roster.

The 2021 trade deadline was more eventful than anyone could have hoped for. Let’s hope the action and excitement carries over and creates some momentum for the Yankees in the second half of the season.