Brothers from another mother part three - Max edition

It's been a while that I posted something on the trade front, so I thought it would be fun to write a new one in the brothers-from-another-mother series (last year was Happ and Marte), with the deadline coming up. Doubted a long time if I would post this one, as the chance of actually happening were very slim, until the news broke of Scherzer considering waiving his no trade rights. Still it is a long shot that the Yanks would acquire him, but more on that later.

This time around I cheated a bit, as the two players share the same front name instead of the last name in previous parts.

I'll start with the obvious: Max Scherzer.

A pending free agent at season end, who is still competing at a high level on the age of 36. He sporting a 2.83 ERA in 105 innings, ERA+ 135, WHIP 0.886, SO-BB 5.68.

How great would those numbers look on a Yankees team, that needs reinforcements to back up Cole, with Kluber still on the shelf. Furthermore, his personality would light a fire in the dugout, who seems to be in need of a spark or another voice from outside the organization.

The problem with Mad Max isn't his performance but (for Steinbrenner) his salary. For the Yankees to acquire Scherzer and have the Nationals pay down on his salary they need to blow them away with a package.

Sadly I don't see it happening that Cashman would part with a significant prospect package for a rental. Even if it is for one of the best pitchers of his generation.

In trade proposals I'd like to come up with comps from the past in estimating the value (not a big fan of BBTV). To fit Scherzer into the budget the Nats would pay a big chunk of the remainder of his salary, so that explains the steep price for a rental.

In my opinion Scherzer is comparable to when CC went from Cleveland to Milwaukee. CC was lights out for the Brew Crew and they paid a big price for his services; Matt LaPorta (can't miss prospect at the time), pitcher Zack Jackson, pitcher Rob Bryson and PTBNL Michael Brantley.

Nats would receive:

Catcher Austin Wells (#6)

Pitcher Luis Medina (#7)

Outfielder Kevin Alcantara (#12)


Trea Turner to NYY

Jasson Dominquez (#1) instead of Kevin Alcantara (#12) and Anthony Volpe (#11) to Nats including Wells and Medina.

On to the second Max, Max Kepler, who is starting to heat up after a slow start to the season. A player who is underrated by a lot people and checks a lot of boxes for the Yankees needs: lefthanded hitting Outfielder who can also play in CF if needed. He doesn't hit much for average (who does nowadays anyway), but gets on base, hits extra bases, doesn't strike out a ton and can play solid defense (better in the corner than in center). He sports an OPS above 0.750 and OPS+ of 110.

Cashman has a track record of acquiring players who are a bit underrated and squeezing a little bit more out of them. The only problem would be, are the Twins willing to deal him away at low value. He has two more reasonable prized years to go on his contract (6.75M in 2022, 8.5M in 2023), with a team option of 10M for 2024.

To be honest, not sure how a deal for Kepler would look like (thought along the lines of last years Starling Marte deal to the Marlins). The Twins would need a replacement in the Outfield and most probably would like pitching.

Twins would receive:

Clint Frazier

Albert Abreu (#18)

Glenn Otto (#28)

These deals aren't likely to happen but if they would happen, it would be fun to have also two Max' besides the two Aaron's.

Honorable mentions Max Muncy and Max Fried. Those two aren't traded by their respective teams... sadly they aren't drunk to do that.

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