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The Yankees add an impact arm in the SB Nation 2021 MLB mock draft

Who did the Yankees land in the SB Nation 2021 MLB mock draft?

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, some of our fellow baseball writers here at SB Nation have been working to set up a mock draft with a representative from every team’s respective SBN site. Given a chance to play scouting director/GM for the day, here is how the first round of the 2021 MLB draft played out for the Yankees.

Pick 1: Pirates – Jordan Lawlar, SS, Jesuit Prep HS

Pick 2: Rangers – Marcelo Mayer, SS, Eastlake HS

Pick 3: Tigers – Jack Leiter, SP, Vanderbilt University

Pick 4: Red Sox – Henry Davis, C, University of Louisville

Pick 5: Orioles – Khalil Watson, SS, Wake Forest HS

Pick 6: Diamondbacks – Kumar Rocker, SP, Vanderbilt University

Pick 7: Royals – Brady House, SS, Winder-Barrow HS

Pick 8: Rockies – Sal Frelick, OF, Boston College

Pick 9: Angels – Jackson Jobe, SP, Heritage Hill HS

Pick 10: Mets – Ty Madden, SP, University of Texas

Pick 11: Nationals – Colton Cowser, OF, Sam Houston University

Pick 12: Mariners – Jordan Wicks, SP, Kansas State

Pick 13: Phillies – Gunnar Hoglund, SP, University of Mississippi

Pick 14: Giants – Benny Montgomery, CF, Red Land HS

Pick 15: Brewers – Matt McLain, SS, UCLA

Pick 16: Marlins – Harry Ford, C, North Cobb HS

Pick 17: Reds – Andrew Painter, SP, Calvary Christian HS

Pick 18: Cardinals – Sam Bachman, SP, University of Miami (Ohio)

Pick 19: Blue Jays – Gavin Williams, SP, East Carolina University

Pick 20: Yankees – Will Bednar, SP, Mississippi State University

Going into this exercise, I focused on pitching, as a look at the system to me shows that there is a need for another big influx of young pitching at the lower levels of the minor leagues. Top arms that have been linked to the Yankees and could’ve been available to the Yankees in some scenarios like Gunnar Hoglund, Andrew Painter, Sam Bachman, and Gavin Williams all came off the board before I had a chance to make a selection. In a way, it felt easier than I had expected, as Bednar, the College World Series, Most Outstanding Player with a strong Southeastern Conference pedigree seems to check all of the boxes that the Yankees are looking for in a high draft pick.

I also considered the Yankees’ recent trend towards middle infielders with strong hit tools. Trey Sweeney, Colson Montgomery, Connor Norby, Peyton Stovall, and Tyler Black were all names I considered heading into the mock draft. Sweeney in particular has been linked to the Yankees, and his future projection as a third baseman would also fit a position of need inside the Yankees organization. Depending on how the draft plays out, one or more of those names could still be in play for the Yankees in the second round when they pick 55th overall.

At the end of the day, Bednar would be an outstanding get for the Yankees with the 20th overall pick if he is there on Sunday night. His stock was climbing throughout the spring and reached another level after his amazing effort on college baseball’s biggest stage.

The remaining picks of the first round were:

Pick 21: Cubs - Michael McGreevy, SP, UC- Santa Barbara

Pick 22: White Sox - Colson Montgomery, SS, Southridge HS

Pick 23: Cleveland – Bubba Chandler, SP/SS, North Oconee HS

Pick 24: Braves – Trey Sweeney, SS, Eastern Illinois

Pick 25: A’s – Will Taylor – CF, Dutch Fork HS

Pick 26: Twins – Judd Fabian, CF, University of Florida

Pick 27: Padres – Izaac Pacheco, 3B, Friendswood HS

As of this moment, the last two picks of the first round did not come through, as there were a few technical and scheduling difficulties throughout the day.