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Everything you need to know to follow the 2021 MLB Draft

The MLB Draft kicks off the All-Star break for the first time, and the Yankees have the 20th overall pick.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

As Major League Baseball enters the All-Star break, the league is making a bit of history in the process. For the first time, the annual MLB Draft will be a part of All-Star festivities. In the past, it had been held in June as some college teams were still finishing up their seasons, but now, the dust has all settled and MLB clubs are ready to find their next great young prospects.

If you’re only concerned about who the Yankees select, that’s perfectly fine! Dan has an updated post about the most likely candidates, and Pinstripe Alley will have coverage throughout the next few days profiling the newest Baby Bombers. The draft begins tonight with Round 1 and the Yankees picking 20th overall, and their next pick won’t come until Round 2 tomorrow afternoon.

If you have any interest in following the MLB Draft proceedings beyond PSA’s articles, check out the viewing guide below.

Sunday, July 11: Round 1

Time - 7:00 pm ET

TV - MLB Network/ESPN (MLBN has preview coverage from 6-7pm)

Online -

Monday, July 12: Rounds 2-10

Time - 1:00 pm ET

TV - MLB Network (second round only; online afterward)

Online -

Tuesday, July 13: Rounds 11-20

Time - 12:00 pm ET

TV - None

Online -

Below is the draft order for Sunday’s coverage. As a reminder, the Astros do not have a first-round pick as a penalty for the sign-stealing scandal.

Round 1

1. Pirates
2. Rangers
3. Tigers
4. Red Sox
5. Orioles
6. Diamondbacks
7. Royals
8. Rockies
9. Angels
10. Mets
11. Nationals
12. Mariners
13. Phillies
14. Giants
15. Brewers
16. Marlins
17. Reds
18. Cardinals
19. Blue Jays
20. Yankees
21. Cubs
22. White Sox
23. Cleveland
24. Braves
25. A’s
26. Twins
27. Padres
28. Rays
29. Dodgers

Compensatory Round

30. Reds (for Trevor Bauer signing)

Competitive Balance Round

31. Marlins
32. Tigers
33. Brewers
34. Rays
35. Reds
36. Twins

The draft will then be on hold until tomorrow at 1:00 pm ET. At that point, we’ll pick up with Round 2 and the second Competitive Balance Round. There will only be one minute between picks at that point. The Dodgers and Blue Jays lost second-round picks through their signings of Trevor Bauer and George Springer (who each rejected qualifying offers), and once again, the Astros lost one due to the sign-stealing scandal.

Round 2

37. Pirates
38. Rangers
39. Tigers
40. Red Sox
41. Orioles
42. Diamondbacks
43. Royals
44. Rockies
45. Angels
46. Mets
47. Nationals
48. Mariners
49. Phillies
50. Giants
51. Brewers
52. Marlins
53. Reds
54. Cardinals
55. Yankees
56. Cubs
57. White Sox
58. Cleveland
59. Braves
60. A’s
61. Twins
62. Padres
63. Rays

Competitive Balance Round

64. Pirates
65. Orioles
66. Royals
67. Diamondbacks
68. Rockies
69. Cleveland
70. Cardinals
71. Padres

The draft will continue on Day 2 through round 10. After the last pick, they’ll pause and resume at noon on Wednesday (Day 3). That will be another 10 rounds to take us up to 20 and the end, which is 20 rounds shorter than it used to be in 2019 but 15 rounds longer than it was in the abbreviated 2020 edition. Thankfully, there will be no waiting between picks at all; teams are just as eager to hustle through Day 3 as the rest of us.

The draft order will be the same for Rounds 3-20, aside from the Astros getting an extra pick at the end of Round 4 as compensation for losing Springer:

Red Sox
Blue Jays
White Sox

Per and Baseball America, the Yankees have a total draft bonus pool of $6,943,700 to spend. Here’s how that total is divvied up:

Yankees 2021 MLB Draft bonus pool

Round Overall pick Slot value
Round Overall pick Slot value
1 20 $3,242,900
2 55 $1,307,000
3 92 $637,600
4 122 $469,000
5 153 $346,800
6 183 $266,000
7 213 $208,200
8 243 $169,500
9 273 $152,600
10 303 $144,100
Totals $6,943,700

The Yankees can vary their bonus levels to reach that final figure and use any left over to sign folks beyond the 10th round for over the allotted $125,000 per pick. Teams can spend over their allotted pools, but not without penalties:

Teams that exceed their bonus pool face a penalty. Clubs that outspend their allotment by 0-5 percent pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. At higher thresholds, clubs lose future picks.

If you’re a regular around here, you’ve probably noticed us dipping our toes more into draft coverage in the past week. If you haven’t read any of it yet, check it out!

If you already have, stay tuned for more as the draft gets underway! We’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation of Baby Bombers.