If you were Hal and didn't want to punt this or next season....

If I were given the keys to the kingdom this year, these are the changes I'd make. I'm just a fan and I don't posses the analytics and cutting edge next gen stat digestion the job requires, but this is what I'd do. Some of it would be painful....

1. Trade for MLB level talent that will make an impact day 1

This would include Ketel Marte and Trevor Story. The former would be around until the end of the 2023 season and

for a fraction of what his real value is. The latter would be a rental unless they would work out a nice extension for

him to stay in pinstripes. More than likely the necessary trade chip would have to include some Yankees MLB talent.

I'm ok with losing Gio if it means getting the above 2 names (plus prospects obviously). It would also include some of the better pitching prospects I'm sure. It may even mean giving up Andujar as well.

2. Stop coveting your draft pics and prospects

This is win now mode, all in, go big or go home. Everyone in the system is tradeable, the lone exception is the Martian because we don't know his ceiling or floor yet. Everyone else is in the conversation to go get the above 2 guys.

3. Dance with the ones you brung...

With Severino coming back before the All Star break, the rest of the starting rotation is solid with the exception of Thaillon. There's also some question marks to see if Cole will be as lights out without the sticky stuff until we know if the umps are really going to throw pitchers out of a game. Besides that, the bullpen is more than serviceable, probably the best pen in the leaugue. So your October rotation is set.

4. Fix 1B or let it play out.

The above moves fixes the issues as SS and CF, as well as shores up 3B and 2B. DJ can be your every day 3B, Gleyber back to his natural 2B, Marte in CF, Anjudar at LF (if he doesn't get traded) and 1B is now your only question mark. I think they should see if Gittens hits at the MLB level while waiting for Voit to come back. If he does hit, then it's a nice problem to have too many power bats once again.

5. In the off season you let Gary and Clint go.

Don't offer Gary a contract, no more 2nd chances. And whatever prospects you can get for Clint you get, he's not the Yankees solution in LF clearly. Now it's just a matter of finding your every day LF'er, upgrading the rotation and re-loading for 2022

That's what I'd do, I'm sure it's not a perfect plan but I wouldn't surrender this season just yet. If you do, you're also punting on 2022.

What would you do?

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