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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 6/7/21

Good news: the Yankees can’t lose today.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Remember all the excitement of two weeks ago? The Yankees were on a six-game winning streak and almost fully back into form after sweeping away the AL Central-leading White Sox? Well, so much for that. After a second straight lost weekend, they’re now 3-10 since then and almost fully back to square one/.500. The offense continues to have no answers, and frankly, Marcus Thames’ job security has never been more in question. It stinks.

Your day will thankfully be not be affected by a Yankees loss today, as they’re off and en route to Minnesota, seeking any possible reprieve from the awful past couple weeks. We’ll still have new posts for you, though, as John will look around the majors to see which teams have been most affected by the de-juiced ball, and Cooper will discuss Gary Sánchez’s improved plate discipline. Later on, John will return to opine why this team frankly doesn’t deserve trade deadline additions at the moment, and Ryan will put out the latest PSA mailbag request.

Today’s Matchup:


Fun Questions:

1. What was the most maddening aspect of last night’s loss? The blown strike three call? The double plays? DJ LeMahieu’s defensive miscue in the eighth? The out-of-character suspect relief? Take your pick.

2. What steps would you take to discourage pitchers from using foreign substances on baseball?