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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Chris Gittens gives first home run ball to son

His newborn son probably just received the coolest gift he’ll get in his life.

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Since baseball shut down in March of last year, we have kept you posted on what the Yankees have been up to on social media. Although baseball is getting back to normal, it’s still fun to check in our favorite players and Yankee figures, so we will continue to do so throughout 2021. Here’s your weekly update on what your favorite Yankees have been doing on social media!

Chris Gittens gives first home run ball to his son

After Chris Gittens absolutely blasted his first career home run in the majors, he said after the game that he would give the baseball to his son. It seemed to have taken security a little bit of time to pry the baseball away from the fans who caught it, but they eventually obtained it and Gittens was able to leave it in his son’s crib for him.

Jasson Dominguez evaporated a baseball

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but the Yankees top prospect has impressed us once again. Me describing it won’t do justice. Swipe to see Dominguez put a ball into orbit!

Luke Voit celebrates first homer back from IL

He’s baaaack! Since returning to the team on Tuesday, Voit has been a much needed offensive piece at the plate. He’s hitting .353/.389/..824 over his four-game span, including two homers, a triple, and a walk-off hit!

Aaron Judge posts series highlights against the Royals

It’s simple: win a series, get a Judge post! Watch the video below to see a recap of the series against the Kansa City Royals. It includes Voit’s walk-off, Judge’s homer, Taillon’s sharp start, and much more!