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Aaron Judge, DJ LeMahieu advance in MLB All-Star Game voting

Two Yankees made it past Phase 1 of voting, and will now be part of the Phase 2 voting that determines All-Star starters.

MLB: All Star Game Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, MLB announced the results of “Phase 1” of All-Star Game voting. This year, fans voted on position players, and the top three vote-getters at each position (and top nine in the outfield), would advance to Phase 2. From there, fans will chose All-Star starters among those who advanced.

The Yankees had two position players move on to the next round in Aaron Judge and DJ LeMahieu. Judge’s inclusion should come as no surprise, as the most recognizable and productive player on the most recognizable team in baseball. LeMahieu has regressed from his MVP-caliber form of 2020, but fans appear content to reward him for his stellar last two years, pushing him through despite middling numbers.

The only other player who had anything resembling a case to be among the potential starters was Gary Sánchez, but Salvador Perez, Martín Maldonado, and Yasmani Grandal beat him out. It should also be noted that fans do not vote on the pitching side of things, where the Yankees stand to do well. Gerrit Cole will obviously make the team, as could any number of relievers.

We’ll have you updated once we hear about the results of Phase 2 voting. Until then, do you see any obvious snubs from across the majors?