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MLB unveils new All-Star Game jerseys and hats

These will be worn in-game for the first time. The look, uh, leaves a lot to be desired if you ask me.

Cincinnati Reds v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game is just around the corner. In two and a half weeks, the game’s best will descend on Coors Field in Denver for the first celebration of its kind since 2019. Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge appear to be the Yankees’ top candidates to make the cut, with Aroldis Chapman, Gary Sánchez, and DJ LeMahieu also among the players vying for possible spots.

Whoever the Yankees send to Denver, they will be donning a different look than ever seen before during the Midsummer Classic. Chris Creamer of reported that for the first time, teams will be wearing their MLB All-Star Game jerseys during the actual exhibition itself.

Now, what do these uniforms actually look like? Do they rock out? Are they cool? Well ...

... you be the judge.

To give my own spicy fashion takes, though I don’t like it. They look like a spin on a very old-time uniform that just doesn’t work. The hats aren’t that different from recent years’ All-Star style, but still, the jerseys can’t help but make me think that the All-Star teams are going to report to their volunteer firefighter department squads after the festivities.

Baseball can certainly be too stuck in its own ways in terms of tradition, so I usually don’t mind when MLB tries to actually experiment for once. Unfortunately, I can’t get behind these uniforms. Oh well. It would still be aesthetically pleasing to watch Judge sock a dinger while wearing a black garbage bag, so ultimately, whatever.

In the past, the jerseys have only been worn in warm-ups and the Home Run Derby and the All-Stars used their own teams’ uniforms during the game. It made for some pretty cool visuals as the teams lined up and were announced with their own styles:

Alas, those days are behind us, though the Home Run Derby participants will now reportedly wear their own uniforms. Hope the All-Stars enjoy their bowling team shirts.