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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 6/21/21

Here's your Monday program.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Another off-day is upon us, but at least it comes with some positive momentum. The Yankees have won consecutive series, and even if it doesn’t entirely feel like it, they’ve actually compiled a winning record in the month of June. There are even some good vibes in the air, with a record third triple play bringing yesterday’s game to a thrilling conclusion. Maybe the Yankees won’t be able to rely on timely triple plays forever, but it sure is fun to watch them complete the feats in such crucial situations.

John will have more on the Yankees’ recent triple play history later today, and Andrew will have a new FanPost Friday prompt. In the meantime, gird yourself after this off-day, as the Yankees will play nearly a full two weeks after this without a rest. This pre-All-Star break stretch should go a long way determining how the team is set up down the stretch.

Today’s Matchup


Fun Questions:

1. Where does Gary Sánchez rank among the league’s catchers?

2. Do you think the Yankees could possibly turn a record-breaking fourth triple play some time this year?