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Luis Severino leaves rehab start with groin injury

Sevy faces a near-immediate bump in the road to his return.

League Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Today was supposed to be another jump for Luis Severino’s recovery from Tommy John surgery, his second rehab start down in the minors and his first in Hudson Valley after beginning this process a week ago down in Tampa. It didn’t go as planned, however, as Severino had to exit the game in the second inning due to an injury.

Severino appeared to catch his leg awkwardly on the mound during his delivery, and the end result was that members of the training staff had to assist Severino off the field. Severino was grabbing downward on the pitch almost immediately, towards what looks like his groin, so the injury could be to either area — we’ll have to wait on an update from the team to know more about the problem. Severino did not appear comfortable putting any weight on his leg, and was clearly in a lot of pain when he exited the game.

If there’s any small consolation here, it’s that the injury isn’t a re-aggravation of the arm issues that caused Severino to require Tommy John surgery back in the first weeks of 2020 spring training. That being said, any injury where the athlete can’t make it off the field under his own power is cause for immediate concern, and could likely set back Severino a fair bit of time.

Severino’s original timetable wasn’t set in stone, but had him projected to return to the Yankees in early July, just before the All-Star break. Depending on the severity of the injury here, that timeline could be pushed back a few weeks or more. When more information rolls out, we’ll be sure to update you on Severino’s status.


It is indeed a groin injury for Severino. All we can do now is hope that the MRI isn’t too bad, but considering the Yankees’ luck, who knows?