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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 5/8/21

Miggy is back; Urshela’s injury not too concerning; Stanton staying in the second spot; dejuiced ball leading to more outs

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports | Thomas Harrigan: By now you’ve probably heard the news that third baseman/left fielder/now-first baseman Miguel Andújar is back with the big league club. After struggling with injuries and ineffectiveness over the past couple seasons, the one-time Rookie of the Year runner-up was called back up to Yankees while Gio Urshela nurses some bumps and bruises. Andújar had a sparkling start to the minor league season, and hopefully that continues. | Brendan Kuty: Speaking of Urshela, the Yankees appear to have lucked out a bit with the knee injury that forced him to depart Thursday afternoon’s game early. The MRI on him revealed “nothing structurally wrong,” as manager Aaron Boone noted that it was “pretty minor,” mostly swelling, and that Urshela should only be day-to-day rather than needing an IL stint.

New York Daily News | Kristie Ackert: Giancarlo Stanton is the hottest hitter in baseball right now, and while his initial move into the two-hole was just a random decision by Boone, 2tanton isn’t moving out any time soon. Boone said yesterday that “I think I’m going to keep him there for a little bit”, and I can’t say I disagree with that plan.

FanGraphs | Devan Fink: MLB took steps to de-juice the baseball this winter, in an attempt to de-incentivize three true outcome ball. Unfortunately, the results have been a game with more outs, fewer runs, and fewer baserunners than ever, with so many of the fly balls that would have left the park last year turning into outs this year. (Wade Miley of all people even threw a no-hitter last night, the fourth or fifth of the season already depending on whether or not you’re counting Madison Bumgarner.) This was a very predictable outcome when no other action was undertaken to incentivize non-home-run contact, but oh well, we’re stuck with it for the time being.