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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 5/24/21

A short intermission before the homestand concludes.

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Who knew that Corey Kluber’s no-hitter would only be the start of some historic pitching for the Yankees. The team has gotten five shutout innings or more from all five of the members of their rotation consecutively, the first time in franchise history that has happened. That’s pretty freaking nuts, honestly. To think a month ago most of us were wringing our hands over who would finally step up and become the number two pitcher behind Gerrit Cole. I’m so glad we’re back to playing out 162-game seasons.

The team will take a day off after winning their last six bouts, resting ahead of another series against the Blue Jays. Tom has you covered on the pitching matchups for that series, while John looks ahead to MLB’s push for playoff expansion and the potential for an NBA-esque Play-In Tournament format. Dan looks into three potential candidates to receive some early promotions in the farm system, and I’ve got a mailbag request to go with the daily minor league recap.

Today’s Matchup:


Fun Questions:

1. What do you do with the extra three-four hours in your day when there’s not a Yankee game on?

2. Aroldis Chapman pitched 18 scoreless innings before allowing his first run of the season on Sunday. Over/Under 15 more scoreless innings until his second run allowed?