Lighting a Fire under the Yankees....

So the first 3 weeks of the season have really exposed the Yankees weaknesses. Some will argue small sample sizes, but I think 3 weeks of the same results is pretty telling what the issue is.

1. Too many HR hitters, not enough table setters

2. TERRIBLE Defense all over the diamond

3. Hitting w/RISP

4. Short of Cole, the pitching has been AWFUL

5. Bullpen? What bullpen?

How do you fix these issues before you find yourself too far behind to make a meaningful comeback?

1. Bench Odor and recall Ford as soon as his 10 days in the minors is up

2. Hit Ford between Judge and Stanton and move Hicks waaaaay down in the order

3. Figure out why Frazier and Torres can't hit this year, extra work in the cage and extra video analysis

4. Tell Hicks to stop trying to hit HR's and just slap singles and doubles all over the place

5. Release Odor and get Tauchman and Wade back up and get them into games to preserve runs on D.

6. Let Tauchman try to steal the starting LF job from Frazier, a little competition seems to get Frazier to wake up

7. I'd take Wade's lack of power and solid Defense over Gleyber booting balls all over the IF and striking out all the time.

8. Pitching I think will naturally come around, it's cold in April and this is honestly the first game action 3 of these guys are seeing in over a year, so patience is probably warranted here.

9. Maybe tell Stanton he sucks and offer to trade him? I'd take his salary relief over his 15-20 solo shots per year at 29 million a year, and ALWAYS injured.

There's about the same odds as the Yankees brass doing any of the above as there is I'll win the power ball this week, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

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