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New York Yankees @ Pittsburgh Pirates: Taillon’s revenge

After a winter trade, Jameson gets his first start-ish, against his former club

MLB: Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The two things I was looking forward to this spring were previews of new Yankees Jameson Taillon and Corey Kluber. Both got their first work in earlier this week, and today, Taillon will get his first real start as a Yankee, working an exhibition match against his former club.

You’ll remember Jameson threw seven pitches on Monday, including a strikeout on a great curveball down out of the zone. Hopefully, we’ll see more than those seven pitches today, and continue to develop a picture for what this pitching rotation will look like. Unfortunately we won’t actually get to see much of Taillon, as the game is only available through radio broadcast. Why anyone would want to WATCH this Yankee team, we’ll never know.

Offensively, this is a true spring training road game, as the lineup is mostly made of guys trying to crack one of the few remaining roster spots. Clint Frazier gets a half day off as Derek Dietrich, Mike Tauchman and Jay Bruce are left-to-right in the outfield.

Location: LEMCOM Park, Bradenten, FL

First pitch: 1:05 p.m. EDT

Radio broadcast: KDKA

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We have some rain right now and are in a delay, but stay tuned.