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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/6/21

The Yankees take on the Pirates as the weekend unfolds.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
Michael Beltre
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

I bring you good news on this Saturday — we only have three and a half more weeks until Opening Day! It feels like spring training just started, but real baseball should be just around the corner.

Cooper will start our day off by explaining why interim manager Carlos Mendoza is a future MLB skipper in the making, and Dan will preview bullpen weapon Chad Green’s 2021 season. Later on, Matt will do our daily history post, and Joe will present our first edition of the annual Making the Team Meter.

Josh will be recapping this afternoon’s Yankees/Pirates game in Bradenton, but there’s a chance that it could be washed out. Gerrit Cole was originally supposed to start the game, but they decided to have him throw batting practice at the Yankees’ complex. Instead, Jameson Taillon will get the start in the game if it goes off without a hitch. (Here’s the travel roster if you’re interested.)

Today’s Matchup

New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates
Time: 1:05 PM EST
TV: None (available on Audio via KDKA)
Venue: LECOM Park

Fun Questions

  1. If you’re attending a regular-season game, how long will you wait during a rain delay before deciding to bail if the team hasn’t postponed it yet?
  2. Calzones: Yay or nay?