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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/15/21

Michael Kay and John Sterling reunite on the mic as Domingo Germán faces the Phillies this afternoon.

New York Yankees’ Pitcher Darren O’Day
Darren O’Day
Photo by J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday RM via Getty Images

Good morning. There are only two weeks of spring training baseball left to go until the moving trucks are packed for the Bronx. This morning, John will explore one aspect of the YES Network’s spring broadcasts that he hopes will carry into the regular season, and Joe will preview Jordan Montgomery’s 2021. I’ll have the final edition of the “This Day in Yankees History” series at noon, and later, Ryan will put out his weekly mailbag request.

The Yankees have a special treat in store today for the matchup against the Phillies, as former radio team Michael Kay and John Sterling will reunite to call a game together for the first time in 20 years — this time on YES Network. They were the radio voices of the Yankees’ late ‘90s dynasty, broadcasting on WABC from 1992 through 2001. Many nights of my youth were spent hearing them call late-night Yankees games as I (very slowly) fell asleep.

On the field, Domingo Germán will face Chase Anderson; Josh will have the game thread and recap.

Today’s Matchup

New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Time: 1:05 PM EST

TV: YES Network

Venue: George M. Steinbrenner Field

Fun Questions

1. If you could bring any former Yankees announcer back to call a game in 2021, who would it be? (Yes, you can go beyond the grave for this one. Maybe the YES board of directors is messing around with a Ouija board, who knows?)

2. When Kay and Sterling were originally on the air, did you normally listen to Yankees games on the TV or radio?