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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 2/8/21

Start off your Monday with an open thread.

2017 T-Mobile Home Run Derby

Morning everyone, hope your weekend was fun and that you’re not too snowed in. Today is going to be a lighter day on the site, so when you’ve got a break from shoveling out the driveway take a few minutes to pop in for some articles. John starts us off with a look at Asdrúbal Cabrera, we’ll take a look at the latest reactions — this time to the idea of expansion — and I’ll wrap things up with a mailbag request.

Fun Questions:

1. Will we ever see another dynasty in MLB like the Yankees of old, or will runs like the 2010s Giants be the closest comparison for modern times?

2. Which breakout performance from the Baby Bombers impressed you the most when it happened — Gary Sánchez, Aaron Judge or Luis Severino?