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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/28/21

We’re changing the daily format up as spring training exhibitions begin.

MLB: FEB 22 Spring Training - Blue Jays at Yankees
Everything seemed normal at last year’s spring opener.
Photo by Icon Sportswire

Good morning everyone, and I hope that the end of the month is going swimmingly for you. Either way, we at least finally have some baseball heading our way today! Sure, it’s exhibition baseball and will only last seven innings, but baseball is baseball. So I’ll take it, especially since we’re now a mere month and a day away from Opening Day.

As the Grapefruit League season begins, we’re making a slight modification to the daily format. It’s a very mild change that honestly you’ll barely notice, but one worth mentioning. Rather than beginning the day with an “open thread,” we’ll begin with “Today on Pinstripe Alley.”

These posts will be designed in a very similar fashion, as one of Jake, Ryan, or I will run down the new articles we have in store for you while also noting when the Yankees will be playing and where you can tune in. We also might write a small bit about whatever happens to be on our mind. Don’t worry though, the fun questions of the day will continue, and you can certainly feel free to talk about whatever you’d like in addition to the questions (within the Community Guidelines of course).

Anyway, onto the task at hand. Joe will start the day off with our weekly social media roundup, and Matt will preview backup first baseman Mike Ford’s 2021 and whether a rebound might be in store. Tom will tackle the daily Yankees history post, Erica write about the origins of why every team is now (justifiably) required to employ a Spanish translator, and Josh will provide both the game thread and recap for the spring training opener against Toronto.

Today’s Matchup

New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays
Time: 1:05 PM EST
TV: YES Network
Venue: George M. Steinbrenner Field

Fun Questions

  1. Will you tune into the Yankees’ spring opener?
  2. Expanding on the question above, will you watch any spring training action, or is exhibition baseball just not quite worth it?