Reese McGuire

I am not a big dump Sanchez guy. I think he is at least an average catcher considering offense and defense.

That said, reading MLB Trade Rumors, an interesting thought came to mind. What if the Yanks platooned a catcher with Higgy.

Higgy is fairly good against LHP. A 109 wRC+ last year. Not great but not bad especially for a catcher that is a good defender.

So finding a LH Catcher? Maybe someday Wells, but that day is not 2022.

Later the article goes over the Blue Jays abundance at C. McGuire is out of options and bats LH. Moreover he has huge platoon splits. For his career he grades out at a wRC+ of 102 against RHP. According to Fangraphs he has strong defense.

I can't say what it would take to strike a deal with a key division rival, but this could be a minor one of interest. Maybe a change of scenery does him good.

They need IF help, preferably at 2B. Torres would be an overpay. They had interest in DJL before, would they take the contract? How much money would we have to eat? Urshela could be possible too. But that would involve them moving Biggio back to 2B. Plus they discarded Urshela before.

Best choice is probably to stick with Sanchez but if a deal could be worked out, McGuire could be interesting.

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